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Even though you may not realise it, copywriting forms an integral part of people's lives. Every advertisement, website and brochure uses copywriting to deliver its message. Whether it is a punchy title, persuasive text or insightful presentation, a copywriter had to write it.

The Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective specialises in all types of copywriting and has the copywriters to help you successfully deliver your message. If you need copy for your website, sales letters or press releases, we can find the copywriter for you. The Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective comprises members from an extensive range of copywriting specialties. No matter what your copy needs are, we have the copywriter for you.

However, Translation-copywriters.co.za offers more than a standard copywriting service. Our members are also able to edit, proofread and translate text. Our translators are able to translate texts to and from all major African, European and Asian languages.

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Who needs copywriting?

Copywriting is useful in almost any industry. Whether you need to advertise a product, communicate with staff members or write a novel, a copywriter will factor it into their process. Quality copy is a sign that a document has been thought out and well-researched by the copywriter. If you want people to listen to your message, say it with compelling copy.

Anyone who needs a document written can benefit from hiring a professional copywriter to create the content. Good copywriting can:

  • Increase sales
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Promote the expertise of your business
  • Help to streamline business communications
  • Captivate readers
  • Attract the right type of employee
  • Impress clients
  • Improve the perceived quality of your products or services

Professional copywriting can benefit small businesses as well as large corporations. Copywriters from Translation-copywriters.co.za specialises in understanding the needs of your business and creating copy that is appropriate to your industry and unique copy requirements.

Translation-copywriters.co.za offers a full range of copywriting services

The Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective comprises over 800 copywriters and translators. By combining the skills of our members, we are able to provide an extensive selection of copywriting, editing and translating services to our clients. Continue reading for a breakdown of our services. Contact us if the service you require is not listed below and we will find a copywriter with the necessary skills to help you.

Afrikaans copywriting

If your target demographic has a large Afrikaans contingent, it is wise to provide pamphlets, brochures and other documents in Afrikaans. Many copywriters of the Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective are fluent in Afrikaans and can provide you with compelling Afrikaans copy.

All Translation-copywriters.co.za services are available in Afrikaans. Our Afrikaans copywriters do more than simply translate text into the Afrikaans; we can create original Afrikaans copy for you or your business.

Advertising copywriting

Advertising is one of the most valuable tools that business owners can utilise to ensure that their companies are successful. Advertising copywriter has the power to make your brand instantly recognisable and it can encourage consumers to pay for your products or services. Translation-copywriters.co.za offers a range of advertising copywriting services, and we can create memorable and enticing copy for your campaign. A multimedia advertising campaign should incorporate several different types of advertising in order to be effective. Take a look at the advertising copywriting services that we offer and decide which would best complement your campaign.

  • Advertorials

    Advertorials provide companies with a unique approach to advertising their products. A copywriter writes an advertorials in the same style as editorials. By presenting the benefits of your products or services in editorial form, you give them additional credibility. Less obvious than a typical advertisement, advertorials gives a copywriter the ability to tell established and potential customers about your product in an entertaining and informative manner. Copywriters from the Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective are experienced in writing advertorials that will grab the attention of readers.

  • Jingles copywriting

    A memorable jingle is invaluable to an advertising campaign. People tend to have an emotional connection to music. When a copywriter a catchy tune with witty lyrics, it creates an emotional connection between your product and your potential customers. The next time they’re wandering down the aisle in their local supermarket, people may be tempted to purchase your product instead of your competitors' product because they remember your jingle.

  • Outdoor ads copywriting

    Outdoor ads can take on many forms, including billboards, posters, street furniture and mobile advertisements. This type of advertisement is a useful addition to an advertising campaign. While the advertisements themselves remain stationary, the constant flow of people walking past your outdoor ads can boost your sales considerably. Placing well-written advertisements in strategic locations is an excellent way to inform a large number of people about your products or services.

  • Pamphlets and brochures copywriting

    Do you want to send out condensed information to a target demographic? Pamphlets and brochures offer an effective way of providing people with enough information to educate them about your product. Copywriters should ensure that pamphlet and brochure copy should have just enough information about your business, products and services to educate readers while still being a quick read.

    While pamphlets and brochures are similar, they are generally used for different purposes. Pamphlets are generally non-commercial and inform people about an issue, such as health issues or recycling, and brochures are sent out by businesses advertising new products or services. Translation-copywriters.co.za specialises in employing copywriters to write for both pamphlets and brochures.

  • Press releases copywriting

    Do you want to alert the media to a development within your company? Has your business done something newsworthy? Why not get a copywriter to write a press release for your local media outlet to generate excitement about a person or product. Copywriters from Translation-copywriters.co.za can write an enticing press release that will grab the attention of media representatives and encourage them to write a story about your company.

  • Print Advertising copywriting

    As one of the oldest forms of communicating with potential customers, print advertising is arguably one of the most effective ways in which to entice consumers to purchase your products. A copywriter specialising in print advertising from Translation-copywriters.co.za has the ability to inform readers about a product while encouraging them to become your customers.

Business copywriting

Presenting a professional image is vital in the business arena. Whether it is presenting annual reports to your investors, informing customers about your products or communicating with your staff, a document written by a trained copywriter can boost your company's image. People are more likely to have confidence in you and your business if your documents are skilfully written. The Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective is experienced in writing a large variety of business oriented copy.

  • Annual reports

    Once a year, business owners publish an annual report to illustrate their company's activities throughout the year and it should also provide an accurate overview of the company's financial performance. It will be seen by many people, including employees, investors and customers. If you require assistance compiling your documents and creating a compelling annual report, contact Translation-copywriters.co.za and we can provide you with a copywriter who is experienced in writing annual reports.

  • Company profiles

    A company profile is a description of a business's mission statement, products and uniqueness. In short, a company profile is a paper representation of your business. By reading your mission statement, people should understand your company and know why it is different from your competitors. A company profile written by a copywriter from the Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective will be compelling and feature an accurate representation of your company's vision and intentions.

  • Corporate brochures

    Do your corporate brochures depict your business in an enticing manner? Corporate brochures are a valuable tool that can help you to build brand recognition and loyalty. Concise and direct, corporate brochures are an effective way of providing people with information regarding your business. It is a well-known fact that people don't like to read. It is therefore essential that your corporate brochure is written by a professional copywriter who can condense your business information without losing any vital details. Translation-copywriters.co.za has copywriters that are experienced in creating corporate brochures that are compelling and to the point.

  • Datasheets

    Detailed and informative, datasheets provide current and future customers with descriptions of your products. A datasheet is a formal document that lays out, in detail, a product's technical specifications. After reading your product's datasheet, customers should be intrigued and want to own the product or test it further. Members of the Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective are able to convert detailed product information into an enticing datasheet that will leave readers wanting to know more about your product.

  • Internal business communications

    An often overlooked aspect of running a business is internal communications. Streamlining your internal communications will help you to keep your employees up-to-date on developments within your business and provide them with clarity of purpose to help them to do their jobs. Translation-copywriters.co.za will find the ideal copywriter to help you streamline your internal communications with well-written emails, newsletters and other types of business communication tools.

  • Industry specific articles

    Publishing industry specific articles is an effective way to create brand awareness for your business. By offering information on a topic related to your industry, a copywriter will encourage people to trust your opinion and, subsequently, trust your products. However, in order to convince people that you are an expert in a particular field, it is imperative that any industry specific articles associated with your business are well researched and accurate. Members of the Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective are able to research and write insightful industry specific articles to increase your brand awareness.

  • Newsletters

    Customers are the lifeblood of any business and it is important to nurture your relationship with them to ensure that they remain loyal to your company. Sending out newsletters written by a professional copywriter is an excellent way to keep the lines of communication open between you and your customers. Newsletters can be posted or emailed to inform customers of new products, specials or important developments within your business. Translation-copywriters.co.za can write newsletters to help you to build a relationship with your customers.

  • Presentations

    A well-written presentation has the ability to sway people to see your point of view. This is particularly useful for business presentations in which you are trying to land a client or receive approval for a business proposal. No matter what the form of your presentation is, it must start with expert writing. Members of Translation-copywriters.co.za are experienced at writing persuasive presentations that will leave positive impressions on your audiences.

  • Product descriptions

    Much like datasheets, product descriptions provide you with a means to inform your customers about your products. However, product descriptions are less formal than datasheets; therefore the copywriter should outline the ways in which your customers will benefit from owning your products. By highlighting the different benefits of a particular product a copywriter can target specific markets and demographics. Translation-copywriters.co.za can research your products and write product descriptions that appeal to your desired market.

  • Sales letters

    In order to expand your customer base, it's necessary to entice potential customers into choosing your products or services over those of offered by your competitors. Sales letters should be persuasive and if written well, have the power to significantly increase your sales. Moreover, sending sales letters is a cost-effective way in which to reach a large number of potential customers. Choose Translation-copywriters.co.za for an effective solution for writing inveigling sales letters.

  • White papers copywriting

    White papers are a relatively detailed description of a product or new technology. By providing your customers with white papers for your products, a copywriter can educate them about both the product and how owning your product can benefit the target market. Create awareness of your new and existing products with white papers written by a copywriter from the Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective.

  • Strategic copywriting

    Strategic copywriting is a tool that can help your business to create a unified marketing strategy. The four aspects of strategic copywriting are corporate communication, sales and product presentations, brand and campaign development, and advertising concepts. All too often, each of these aspects is considered separately. Translation-copywriters.co.za can advise you on how to streamline your marketing strategy by creating a unified vision that incorporates all aspects of strategic copywriting.

Editing and Proofreading

Ensuring grammatical accuracy and thematic uniformity, editing and proofreading are an essential component of the copywriting process. Whether you are writing a magazine article, an internal newsletter or press release, it is vital to present professional copy. Editing and proofreading are often mistaken as the same thing, but they are, in fact, vastly different. Translation-copywriters.co.za can edit your document to ensure that your ideas and arguments are well organised, or proofread your documents to correct spelling and grammar.

  • Editing

    It is difficult to edit one's own writing. The eye often tends to miss errors that may be clear to an impartial reader. It is the job of an editor to read a document and streamline the flow of ideas and ensure that all arguments are complete and organised in a logical sequence. Translation-copywriters.co.za comprises a wide range of professional editors that are experienced in all types of writing and are able to spot any errors that you may have overlooked.

  • Proofreading

    The practice of checking a document for spelling and grammatical errors, proofreading can give your document a professional touch and help you get your message across clearly and accurately. A trained proofreader from Translation-copywriters.co.za is adept at identifying and correcting errors without changing the meaning of your document.

Media/Other copywriting

Copywriting is not restricted to advertising and business. Copywriting is used in a wide variety of industries and the Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective comprises an equally wide variety of members. With the combined experience of over 300 members, we are able cater to a diverse range of clients. If you are unable to find the type of copywriting that you require, contact Translation-copywriters.co.za and we will find a copywriter with the necessary skills to fulfil your brief.

  • Case Studies

    Case studies are known to be dense and difficult to read. When a specialist in a particular field researches and writes their own case study, they tend to be more interested in the facts than the document's readability. While the facts are certainly important, a case study should be captivating and entice the reader to agree with your findings. Members of the Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective are experienced in a wide range of specialties and can help you to create a compelling case study.

  • Feature articles

    In depth and informative, feature articles provide readers with insight into a particular topic and often including a personal or emotional angle that readers can relate to. Different to news stories, feature articles take the facts about an event, person or situation and they relate them to the lives of a particular publications reader demographic. Translation-copywriters.co.za comprises members who are skilled at writing feature articles that are relevant to a variety of publication types.

  • Ghostwriting

    Writing a novel or memoir takes a certain level of skill that many people do not have. However, there are many people who have interesting and relevant stories to tell. Ghostwriting provides unskilled writers with a tool that can help them to publish novels or memoirs. By employing a ghostwriter from Translation-copywriters.co.za, you can give your story a professional touch whilst taking the credit for your ideas.

  • Journalism

    When it is accurate and insightful, journalism provides the public with important and relevant information regarding current affairs, news, descriptive material and opinion. There are five different types of media use of journalistic copywriting: Print, television, wire services, Internet and newscasters. Translation-copywriters.co.za specialises in providing copy for all types of journalism. Our copywriters are also experienced at research and are skilled at finding new and interesting angles for news articles.

  • Scripts

    Broadcasts and performances can be an effective way to express an opinion or get a message out to the public. However, before you can create a performance, you will require a script. Scripts can take on different forms in order to make them suitable for the medium through which they will be presented. The Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective is adept at writing entertaining and informative scripts for all media types.

Online copywriting

The Internet has created a new realm in which copy is used. Internet users behave in a very different way to traditional media consumers and therefore, online copywriting is unlike any other type of copywriting. A very specific style of writing is required to grab the attention of Internet users. However, online copywriting must also cater to search engines if a website is to appear high in search engine rankings. Translation-copywriters.co.za comprises many trained online copywriters who understand how Internet users behave and how to make a search engine notice websites.

  • SEO copywriting

    Search Engine Optimisation copywriting has become an effective tool that helps business owners market their company online. Internet users rely heavily on search engines to find websites that will meet their needs. Your website may be the most relevant, but if it doesn't rank high on search engines' results pages, people won't find it. Copywriters from Translation-copywriters.co.za can create copy that will help to get your website noticed by search engines and, subsequently, by online users.

  • Website copywriting

    Internet users are notorious for having short attention spans. At the click of a mouse button, Internet users are able to navigate away from a website. If your website does not grab their attention immediately, your online audience will go to your competitors' websites without a second thought. The Translation-copywriters.co.za freelance collective can help you to create compelling copy or edit your website's existing copy to make it appealing to online users.

Translation Services

Translation-copywriters.co.za offers an extensive translation service. Our translators are able to translate text from all major African, European and Asian languages. If you need a text translated from one language to another, Translation-copywriters.co.za can provide you with a translator who is fluent in both languages and who can accurately translate the text for you.

Translation-copywriters.co.za: Trusted copywriting specialists

With over 300 freelance copywriters, Translation-copywriters.co.za is able to fulfil almost any brief. Our members come from a large variety of professional backgrounds and each person adds their experience to the collective. Contact Translation-copywriters.co.za for more information on any of our products.

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