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Flawless and persuasive pamphlet design

A pamphlet consists of a collection of unbound pages that can be folded or stapled together. Much more concise than a book and targeted towards sales, pamphlets convey messages that are often accompanied by images and illustrations. Pamphlet design varies from single-page flyers, leaflets and inserts, to booklets and catalogues, to bi-fold and tri-fold brochures. The design is dependent on printing costs, the amount of space you need and your target market.

For example, a single-page insert in a magazine is lighter and suits a new company that has fewer products and services, while a booklet pamphlet design may better suit a company seeking to advertise a complex product directory. Consumers may also appreciate pamphlets that accurately describe a company's services or products and which are small enough to place on a receptionist's desk or in one's pocket. supplies copy that easily fits both custom-made and template-based pamphlet design. We are a collective of freelance writers experienced in a variety of industries from fashion to science to finance. Our range of business copywriting services includes corporate brochures, company profiles, product descriptions, websites and industry specific articles. Contact us today for assistance with your pamphlet design.

Pamphlet printing some practical steps

During the pamphlet design process, it's wise to come to some decisions regarding budget, layout and target market before the writing process begins. freelance copywriters can assist you via a writer-client consultation. During an appointment, you can verify the focus of your content and create a rough brochure design that meets your requirements. Other important steps in the pamphlet design process include:

  • Identifying your audience: Although some pamphlets are designed for wide circulation (in newspapers and magazines), others are sent according to direct mailing lists and from business to business. Determining the age, status and education of your target market will affect how the pamphlet will look and feel, and in what style the copywriter will write. This is an essential step if you're hoping to achieve a goal such as increasing sales, improving awareness or persuading your readers to perform a certain course of action.

  • Finalising the size: Pamphlets are often printed in tri-fold and bi-fold designs as these create space for text and images. A booklet of forty double-sided pages may be stapled in the middle and used for financial reports or product and service inventories. Pamphlet printing is optimally done using standard industry software such as Adobe Photoshop, which allows for easy customisation and advanced illustration.

  • Considering your distribution methods: There are many ways to distribute pamphlets: from person to person, in magazines and newspapers, on shop stands, in reception areas and at conferences and meetings. A form of direct mail, the pamphlet is an invitation for the reader to inquire about products, contact the business or seek further information on subjects such as health, the environment or finance. Dubbed a "soft sell", a pamphlet is an introductory step that encourages readers to take action. As a result, pamphlets need to be carefully written according to their distribution methods in order to appeal to the widest number of readers.

  • Selecting eye-catching images: Images are a visual way of reinforcing your text-based messages. It's important, however, not to clutter your pamphlet design with unrelated or inappropriate images as this will detract from your central aim. Ensure that all illustrations, graphs and graphics serve to break up the text and that they are accurately captioned and annotated.

  • Editing and proofreading: The text written on pamphlets needs to be error-free as it is representative of your business or organisation, and it has the power to establish or support your credibility. In addition, once pamphlet printing has been signed-off and paid for, it can be costly to correct your pamphlet proofs, recall distributed material and begin printing again. Send your pamphlet proofs to's expert editors and proofreaders to ensure that the pages you print are faultless. provides excellent copywriting for your brochure templates

Once you have finalised your budget, target audience, the amount of information you want to provide and your distribution method, you can get down to the details. A copywriter will assist you with issues such as sections and title headings that will make up your brochure layout. Another important decision is whether or not your pamphlet will have a bleed (or margin) as images and text will need to be adapted accordingly.

Successful brochure design also hinges in part on colour combination particularly on colour contrasts and compliments. Soft colours set against strong background colours tend to fade and have less presence than when the combinations are reversed. Shop around for a pamphlet printing store that offers high-quality printing for the prices that satisfy your budget - but avoid printing low-quality or indiscernible images as this may not reflect favourably on your business.

Consider carefully whether you're going to design your layout using brochure templates or custom-make your flyers as each of these methods has its merits. A brochure template is reliably designed to catch readers' attention; however, it needs to be carefully customised with unique text and illustrations to avoid appearing too similar to all of the other brochures out there. Custom-made flyers fall on the other end of the marketing spectrum, in that they're unique and have the potential to catch a reader's eye and yet they need to have every element in tact to ensure that their goals are met. These elements include contact details, highlighted benefits and clear headings.

Expert pamphlet design with

Pamphlets and brochures can make a positive impact at promotional events and trade shows. When designed with the help of professionals and printed using high-quality printers, they can achieve impressive circulation that boosts sales.

With the help of a professional copywriter who is experienced in producing flawless, persuasive brochure copy, your brochures can extend your target market's awareness of your brand. Contact to receive an obligation-free quotation on your pamphlet design.

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